Cristine’s Wine

The happiest time I’ve ever known

I died and went to heaven

a waking dream, we had a home

a dinner table like no other

decorations everywhere

and presents in the tree

and apple pie and love

and I kept coughing

It now has been some months

a passover still pending

and everything is neatly packed

it’s going to take some waiting

it won’t be very pleasant

it might be nauseating

taking down my Christmas lights

with Cristine’s wine

I think I am afraid

I wonder if I’ll make it

I’m really scared of pain

they say you lose your mind

the memory will make you retch

your hands and feet will tingle

once you’ve gotten good and drunk

on Cristine’s wine

I only had one gift for you

and not a very good one

the decorations that I hid

that lit up only after

I’m glad you didn’t go away

and I’m not leaving either

it isn’t cheating, help me sip

that bitter Cristine’s wine