Twin Peaks: Coma

No, it can’t wait ‘till morning

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTE: This media is an academic and artistic examination of Twin Peaks, edited and processed into a form that is unsuitable for any commercial purpose, and intended to foster discussion on the original works. I am not the owner of any of the source material and as such this media is made freely available here on the strict understanding that it is only for personal academic study, not for redistribution, sale, or any kind of public display or presentation. All source material remains the property of its respective owners.

Have you ever felt the need to watch a fan-edit of Twin Peaks as one 33 hour cartoon, with a lot of annoying bits removed? Me too! So I made one, and you can get it here. Read on for details.

  • Seasons 1-3, Fire Walk With Me, and The Missing Pieces intertwined, heavily stylised, and colour-matched with each other.
  • Scene-by-scene widescreen transfer of Seasons 1 & 2
  • Addition of several music cues throughout S3
  • Stylised with an animation-like frame-rate and comic-book look
  • Removal of filler plots and scenes

Fire Walk With Me

All of the story is there, but various scenes are added or extended using parts of the The Missing Pieces to make it feel more like a bridge between season 2 and 3. Annie’s story is in order, and Sarah Palmer’s story will make more sense in S3.

It is split roughly into two parts: The Teressa Banks investigation comes before S1 and S2, and the last seven days of Laura Palmer follow as a long flashback before S3.

While colour saturation from S1, S2 and FWWM has been slightly toned down, S3 and TMP colour has been slightly toned up, so all elements in the sequence have a (roughly) uniform appearance.

The whole fan-edit is bracketed with short pre and post-credits inserts from TMP material.

Apologies for the in-action credits showing up in Seasons 1 and 2, there was no good way to edit around them in many places. 

You can download this fan-edit from here.

1990’s TV seasons

S1: The pilot and series are now colour-matched with each-other. Season 1 is mostly intact, bar some very stale 1980’s jokes on reproductive health.

S2: The Tremayne and Wheeler subplots go away. Andy and Lucy are no longer comic relief TV clowns. James’ soap-y trip away from town, Earle’s Batman-villain hysterics, Leo’s home-care, Ben Horne’s soul-searching, Donna’s heritage, and Bobby’s yuppie phase get cut.

Season 3

The Dougie farce plot after Cooper emerges from the plug goes away. Cooper remains in a coma while he is confused for Dougie, a mysterious double with weird friends escorted by pink-dressed ladies who visit him in hospital — he’s possibly one of Mr C’s connections. He stays there until he (seems?) to wake up later in the season.

Music from the original Badalamenti/Lynch Twin Peaks collection has been introduced at a various points in this season, with great care to ensure it’s not intrusive or feels out of place, and never in places where silence or background sound is a key element of the scene.