The Witch

Of soldiers and of princesses

of generals and queens he spoke

but I could never understand

how I could be a witch

if I was just a boy

He sat me down

and drew and splain’d

of towers and of airplanes and of pointy things and lakes

and made me draw what came to mind

and made me draw the lakes

A boat there with its sails alight

they pointed up towards the sky

they didn’t reach they only sighed

and hunched down at the water

the paper and the ink

It wasn’t right he said and now

he tried his hand at wordplay

a witch you are a witch we’ll see

and somehow I would need to find

the witchy her the magic she

and yank it out of me

They brought me back

I didn’t mind

the place was bright and warm and fine

and he was quite a pleasant man

and I got to have sweets

He always smiled and said nice things

your dress looks beautiful my queen

I’m not a queen I’m not a witch

it’s true a princess you must be but we can’t tell for sure

we know that you’re the cure

Now make things happen little witch

I’m not a witch I’m not a queen

we saw you lift the sad disease we saw you save the widow

I’m not a witch I’m just a boy

I want to go play with my toys

unless you have more ice cream

The world is so small he explained

it shrank and creased and crumpled

where else can you get sweets like these

ice cream and understanding

a tempered world where the winds stopped

royal and undemanding

He then tried being slightly stern

though frowning didn’t suit him

a princess doesn’t act this way

nor wag a common tongue

though common sense and majesty reveals you’re not a wench

your selfishness confuses me

I know you’re not a wench

I’m not a princess nor a wench--

But you’re too young to be a whore

Nor do I think you are abused

or sociopath or harpy

those magicks that you hoard inside

could make everyone happy

So then he brought a friend along

a tale they said they’d read me

of bright and happy times they spoke

of laughing couples merry dances

of life in bliss forever after

it wouldn’t last for long they said

there was a sadness in the air

the withering they said it was the withering of all that was

but I could make it stop

because I was a witch

I’m not a wench I’m not a witch

I’m not a queen or princess

I’m just a boy you broke my toys

and then you stomped and screamed

and then you ate each other

and made a lake of sick

And then I was too quiet

and I was not brought back

He’s still there on that lake afloat

with sails alight and hunching

ice cream and understanding

he’s waiting for a witch to cure

a tempered world where the winds stopped

the withering of all that was

but I was just a boy

and I was not brought back