The Fat Girl

I saw her just as I was about to enter a local store. She was just passing outside on her way somewhere, perhaps returning home from the high school nearby. She looked to be around 17, and she must have weighed 140 kilos easy. I forgot about the store and walked after her. Her walk was self-conscious I noticed.

"Hey, hey you!" I shouted, "Fat girl! Yeah you!". I could see that she knew I was shouting at her, but she pretended not to hear, or perhaps she hoped I wasn't shouting at her, perhaps there was another obese girl, outside her field of view, who I was shouting at. In the end though I caught up, and walked in front of her.

She paused and looked at my face. She had a puzzled expression. I looked at her with utter disgust. I had underestimated, she must have weighed at least 160 kilos, probably one of those unfortunate teens with hormone gland problems, broken metabolism and so forth. She probably didn't eat anything at all and with the first corn flake that touched her tongue she would fluff up another 10 kilos.

I tried to put as much of the disgust in my face into my voice. I leaned a little in her direction and lowered my voice to a conversational level. "You are disgusting you know" I said, "you make me sick you do". I paused for a moment to gauge her reaction. She looked more puzzled than ever, or perhaps she was starting to understand what I was talking about and was trying too hard not to show it. "Why don't you go on a fucking diet? Do you know how ugly you are?"

I noticed that she was carrying only a couple of books, not a schoolbag. Probably on the way to an after-school tutor, perhaps she was dyslexic on top of her gland problems, wouldn't that just take the cake. I could picture her listening to soppy music and crying herself to sleep at night. "Nobody is going to want you when you look like that, are they now?" I pressed on, "Why can't you consider other people's feelings a little? Do you know how much of an eyesore you are? Jesus!”

And just then, I saw it, shyly rearing out of the corner of her eye. A tear. Fear, hurt, who knows. Cry bitch. Cry for me. We both know you'll be a virgin until someone pities you. "What the fuck is this huh?" I said, outrage in my voice. I kept raising my tone: "What the fuck are you doing? Get the FUCK out of my sight, you hurt my eyes you DISGUSTING FAT BITCH".

"Fuck you!" she shouted back in a tearing angry voice, and ran away from me, crossing the street. A car slammed into her waist. Her books flew into the air. I heard a loud thud as her head slammed on the pavement. People all around shouted, ran to the scene of the accident, brought their mobiles out and called the ambulance.

I just sat and looked on with a sick kind of glee. I prayed as I watched the blood poor from her. I prayed so hard that the accident had taken more than just her life. I prayed that the driver might be a good person with a loving family who did not deserve to go to jail but who will, I prayed that the girl might have been loved terribly by a lone relative with a weak heart that will give out at news of the accident, I prayed that she might have been pregnant, I prayed that she might have been arranging her marriage with a sweet loving boy after her graduation, I prayed that she might have just received great news, or won the lottery, I prayed that she might have been the happiest girl in the world up to that moment.

How dare she.