The Angels

They came to Earth

And perched on the property ladder

They raise the value when they move in

But nobody will ever sell afterwards

They’ll rent by the minute instead

To the pilgrimage that burrows

Into bedrooms that are nests

Inside houses that are blessed

The pride of families who will live well

We don’t know why they’re chosen

For this enviable fate

So protected

So healthy

So happy

So set

The angels

Are not from God

But they’re full of kindness

They don’t have wings, they’re ugly

Their roots drip down the walls

Hairy wrinkles and tentacles

Steaming slime and smells

Like an open womb

But invisible

Ebbing and flowing secretly

Growing glistening breathing ceilings

Watching parents and their children dream

You’ll only see them if you wake

While they feed

They eat nightmares

Out of your skull

But if you wake

You’ll see

You’ll hear

You’ll smell

If you can stand still

If you can hold it together

If you don’t shout or cry, it’s hard

You can ask them

If you can

I asked


The tentacles moved like the weeds on a river bed

The tips curled back their deep cracks burst open

I bit down on my screams at every flowering flash

If you don’t shout or cry, it’s hard, it hurts

Lilac yellow and red

Yellow lilac and red

Red yellow and lilac

Red lilac and yellow

It meant I love you

I think

Watching my nightmare

Swimming in its veins

I couldn’t help it

I didn’t want to


I ended it too soon

I couldn’t afford more rent anyway

I didn’t have any baggage

I walked

Pensive amber windows

Over white picket fences

Sealed in the twilight

I walked

Broken toys in the sun

Blaring bouncing children 

Ripping out the grass

I walked

Sunday supermarket alleys

Plastic bags and cardboard

Stained wooden crates

I walked

Locked green iron doors

Apple pies behind thin glass

Peppered marble floors

I walked

To the sad side of town

Where we made more nightmares

Broke young unsatisfied

I walked

If our dreams are food

If our world is soil

I mean is it

Are we rooted

I mean if we

Are we like this too 

I mean in another world

Into bedrooms that are nests

Inside houses that are blessed

Where we’re as ugly and as kind

Where we’re the angels