Laika: Resort Of The Future

Renowned among the best Soviet Florida resorts for all ages, Laika is a festive playground for the young at heart. Here, you’ll discover ahead-of-the-curve all-inclusive vacations for contemporary travellers, with facilities boasting stylish architecture and innovative design elements alongside some truly blissful amenities.

Relax At the Pool

Just perfect for lounging the day away poolside or easily escaping to the unknown wonders that await you. Here, you’ll discover a world of tempting adventures!

For The Entire Family

We like to share the luxury. So we provide a multi-age environment where you can choose adults only seclusion or surprising services for families. Privacy is still available at the drop of a flower petal. But the list of shareable fun and adventure is almost endless, too. Plus, individual and family suites help ensure everyone’s peace of mind

For The Children

When you and your loved ones stay at Laika, you enter a whole new world of all-Inclusive family services thanks to all of our amenities and activities. We provide kids with their own slice of Soviet Florida paradise with locations specially made for them. From the expansive Kids Club or the doll-making activity centre, endless entertainment and activities await for our youngest vacationers to discover.

For Couples

The best luxury option for when you want a restorative getaway with grown-up amenities. Unwind with uplifting suites and services designed so you can experience Infinite Excellence tailor- made for you to share with friends or with your very favourite person.

And… Singles!

Options like adults-only dining spaces and delightful couple's massages make for an elevated pool escape, while you can also book one of our Excellence Club suites for access to even more adults-only areas like a private warehouse and exclusive check-in.

Health & Beauty Spa

Laika’s highly-rated beauty clinic, is an oasis of tranquillity situated in the heart of Soviet Florida. Laika’s philosophy is guided by nurture, total well-being, relaxation, and healthy indulgence, which are reflected in the excellent quality of the treatments on offer, the spa's minimalistic beauty, and the outstanding levels of service provided by our expert therapists.

5-Star Dining

Dine at Soviet Florida’s finest: In a luxury and relaxing atmosphere, with picturesque views of the radioactive swamps, you and your family may all enjoy together our fantastic dishes chosen from the local cuisine. All of our dishes are seasonal and freshly cooked with love and passion from our chef.

Adult Entertainment

Our luxury All Inclusive resorts come filled with little hideaways and romantic corners, but you might find yourself craving a day of adventurous escape while you’re here.

We can’t wait to meet you!