Started a long time ago as notes for a piece of micro-fiction for bruland, this would have been the story of a city-state built by physically refining the only resource left in the world after a nuclear armageddon: Hatred. (Or maybe it would be the fantasy of someone dying inside a fallout shelter?)

However, the premise was too complex for a short story, and my later idea to evolve it into a game that did it justice was simply beyond my ability — but having worked on some of the early assets, background, and music, the story (or at least fragments of the idea) felt like they would make for an interesting bit of audio. This became a series of short abstract musical “snapshots” from the original story, and then newer music evolved around them over time.

As with everything in bruland, Hateville explores various forms of camp. However camp isn’t simple sarcasm or irony; by definition it must be the result of a heartfelt attempt to tell a story. As such I hope it can resonate, especially in lieu of the searing hatreds that only seem to be growing in the 21st century, and in the knowledge that nobody is immune to them.

Music Acknowledgements & Copyrights

Unless otherwise stated, all music under Creative Commons license (c) Paul Tsochantaris 2016–2020

Composed on Logic Pro X by Apple Inc

Samples & logo from “Protect And Survive” assumed Public Domain, UK Govt. 1981

Sample from “Nineteen Eighty Four” (c) Virgin Films 1984

Sample from “Schindler’s List” (c) Universal Pictures 1993