“Attend me Anna”, he said as he reached for yet another domino.

Anna hurried to her older brother’s side.

—“How could I best assist you dearest William?” she asked.

—“This is a delicate juncture in my latest engineering feat, I do not dare make sudden movements over the structure. Could you please assist me with placing this item?”

With his stare fixed upon the tower that presently stood in front of him, William calmly extended his arm over me table, and indicated a particular domino brick.

Anna delicately picked up the brick, and turned her attention to her brother's structure. William, noting this, proceeded to state his next request:

—“Now Anna, we must act as one if we are to succeed in this endeavour. I will presently place this brick so, and subsequently we must place the next layer of bricks above the completed level, but, and I must impress this upon you, we must be precise in our movement.”

—“Then we shall be precise dear William!” Anna reassured him. “Let us attempt this.”

William placed the first brick, then intoned “Alright… now!”

They both lifted their arms, and with great precision gracefully placed the two bricks on top of the new level on William's tower. 

Anna was greatly pleased with their achievement.

—“Oh my William, that was ever so much fun!”

—“Yes” William said with a distant voice. Anna became concerned with her brother’s dispassionate response. She turned to face him, but he stepped away from her.

—“Oh Anna”

—“What is it William dearest? You seem distracted. Rarely have I seen you not relishing the pleasure of your architectural achievements! Open your heart to me dear brother, and recount to me of what ails you”

William appeared hesitant, and for a short time a long train of emotions seemed to cross his troubled brow, but a look of resolve finally settled in his eyes, and he spoke:

—“Well Anna, I have been troubled by the strangest events lately”

—“Do tell sweet William”

—“It is a strange puzzle to me, but it almost feels as if I have been contacted by the spirit of the 74th dimension”

—“Oh, you mean…”

—“Yes, that one. It says that if I don't start drinking the blood of the living soon, I will never be able to maintain my male potency for any significant period of time”

—“Oh but William, that is simply awful! What do you intend to do?”

—“I have considered many avenues of action, but I believe that the best course available to me is to murder dear mama”

Later that same evening Anna rushed out into the cold winter night. She proceeded to the arranged meeting point with her S.S. contact and dispatched a message to Berlin, informing them of this disturbing turn of events.