8th Period

It was the 90's so I went on a killing spree. As soon as class began and Ms Mail started talking, I reached into my bag with my right hand, pulled out the gun and shot the guy sitting to my left. His brains splattered across the walls. Nobody reacted for a moment, mostly from a mixture of shock and denial, and I had the time to leisurely stand up, spin towards Ms Mail and empty her skull out all over her Thomas Hardy notes. I turned towards the class and saw that they were now out of denial. Their eyes looked scared, and I saw that this was good. A girl tried to jump for the exit and I put a bullet through her spine. I paused for a moment. They stared, waiting for me to talk, to say anything, perhaps "This is for Allah" or "I want a million dollars" or "All the girls must strip now" or whatever. Actually I was calculating the optimum shooting pattern to ensure that I kill the most people and at the same time leverage their corpses as blockage for the ones who would make a run for it. People were whispering "Oh My God Oh My God" and from where I was standing I saw the math teacher next door run out of his classroom and walk towards ours. I made sure to keep the gun on my side where he couldn't see it. When he was close enough I shot his chest twice through the window. A boy in the front row began to shriek repeatedly like some sort of broken record. I shot his face off without thinking, and then I realized I had panicked the herd and everyone in class was making a break for it. I got anxious and instead of saying something that would give them hope ("don't worry, only the commies will get it") I started plugging them. What the fuck, I thought, if I'm throwing my life away I can't be a perfectionist. It was hard to correctly divide the shots between the people running away and the ones trying to rush me. Dammit, I thought, where's a good shotgun when you need it. To my credit I did actually get most of them. When the room was finally still I realized that, ironically, outside all hell had broken loose: students were screaming and running away, teachers scrambling all bowed down and holding books above their heads as if for protection. I reloaded and sat next to Tess, the pretty one. I put her pale face on my lap. Her dead eyes stared into the distance as if she had spotted Martians landing in the horizon, that silly girl. There was a thin red line of blood running from the corner of her mouth to her ear. Her hair smelled clean and sweet and the light and sweet perfume of her bloodied chest was the most beautiful thing I had ever smelled. I felt a moment of tranquility, holding Tess so close. I liked her, she was such a nice person, or at least she treated people very nicely, who knows what happens inside people deep down, you know? I stroked her hair and wanted to fuck her, but then again, when the police got here I didn't want them to find me with my dick inside a corpse, for crying out loud. But she was so warm and sweet. When they get here they'll shoot me I thought, won't it be romantic if they take the photo of us both shot dead in each other's arms? I can make up for an entire life's romance in the next few minutes. I heard someone walk towards the classroom. "No, too soon dammit" I said, shoving Tess's head off my lap. I stood, walked to the window, and shot the principal right in his bald forehead. He froze in mid step and fell back like a cardboard figure, his raised hands still frozen above him. Tess had fallen on her face I noticed, and the holes in her chest were dripping. Fuck it, I thought, I dropped my trousers, raised her skirt, pulled her panties down and went for it. She was still warm but she was so tight I needed to use her blood to make her slick. As I thrusted I could still smell that lovely perfume of hers. I knew that they would bring snipers. After what I'd done to the principal they wouldn't try to storm the place or negotiate with me. I'd be dead soon. When I was done I pulled up a couple of bodies to use as pillows. I put her head to rest on one and I stretched out on the floor with my head on the other, buttoning my trousers up. I loved the autumn weather and, finally, everything was so quiet for a change. So quiet! A song kept playing in my head "You say it best when you say nothing at all" I closed my eyes and pictured me and Tess in our old age lying in bed after a long and happy life together. I didn't even hear the sniper shot.