When I was a little child I would run an intricate sequence of images through my head: I would picture that my dad took me to a playground, let me play for a while, and then he would strangle me. This rather dark fantasy would amuse me to no end. I would cry, but I would keep on repeating the sequence of images in my head: He would put his hands around my neck and squeeze with all his strength, he would clamp down so hard that his face would turn red from the effort, his eyes would bulge and his mouth would twist. And I would keep thinking why oh why are you killing me daddy?

And now the same passage in leet:

Wh3n 3y3 w0z @ |17| ts1|d 3y3 wu|d r4n n 1n7r1k4t s3ku3nz 0f 1m4g3z 7hru my h3d: I wu|d p1c7ur 7h47 my d4d tuk m1 2 @ p|4ygr4wnd, |37 m1 p|3 4 @ wh|l3, + th3n h1 wu|d 57r4ngl m1. 7h15 r4dr d4rk f4n74z1 wu|d 4muz m1 2 n0 3nd. 3y3 wu|d kr1, bu7 3y3 wuld k33p 0n r3p3471ng th3 s3ku3nz 0f 1m4g3z 1n my h3d: H1 wu|d pu7 h15 h3ndz 4rund mu n3k + sku33z w1d 4|| h15 5t3ng7h, h1 wuld k|4/\/\p d4wn 50 h4rd th4t h15 f315 wu|d 7urn r3d 4om d3 3ff0r7, h15 3y3z wu|d 8u|g3 + h15 m0u7h wu|d 7w157. + 3y3 wu|d k33p 7h1nk1nk y oh y r u k1||1ng m1 d4d1?

I'll punish mysqlf for writing things like that by listening to postgressive retro for hours on end, and eat and eat until I die of odbcecity. Ah, 2B Thin again, scribble scribble.